(I)  Our vision

Kuwait Medical Genetic Centre (KMGC) was established in the year 1979 with a clear vision of a modern Kuwait with a less burden of genetic disorders, a complete coverage of genetic services and a leading research genetic center in the Middle East.

           (II)   Our mission

Offering different genetic diagnostic services to citizens and residence in Kuwait.


Evaluation of the genetic health state and determining the extent of the prevalence of genetic disorders in Kuwait.


Determination of the common genetic disorders in Kuwait.


Applying preventive measures such as early diagnosis and treatment to decrease the prevalence of the genetic disorders and the extent of the resulting disabilities.


Offering genetic counseling services to whom who seek it.


Offering all possible kinds of support to the patients and their families including rehabilitation programs.


Performing clinical researches to improve the quality of our services and solve some genetic problems we may face.


Offering training and postgraduate study to our employee either in Kuwait or abroad.


Establishing cooperation between KMGC and respectable international genetic centres.