Clinical Service

Clinical Genetic Unit

Kuwait Medical Genetic Center (KMGC) is Running daily genetic outpatient clinics based in KMGC and weekly genetic clinics based in district hospitals.
Our Clinicial are offering the following services:
*offering genetic diagnosis, genetic counseling and follow up of cases with genetic disorders and their family members who seek genetic advice. 
*Providing pre-marital counseling.
*Raising the awareness of general population regarding the impact of genetic problems in the general health.
*Offering clinical genetic training to general practitioners, doctors in some specialties (e.g. Pediatricians and gynecologists) and doctors who are preparing to set Kuwaiti Board examination
Referral Policy and work flow
*Patients come to KMGC either directly, without a referral from a health organization, or referral from any health organization e.g. health centers, hospitals (governmental or private), mother and child centers, dental clinics….etc.
*Once a patient arrives to the center an appointment is fixed to him/her. An appointment can be taken on phone through the medical secretary.
*On the day of the appointment a file will be opened by the filing unit and sent to the clinic.  If he/she had an old file, it will be sent from the filing section to the outpatient clinic.
*The doctor will arrange for general and/or genetic testing, as required, and the patient will be given appointment for follow up to interpret the results of investigations with clinical status to reach the final diagnosis.
*In some situations other family members have to be seen and investigated to give a final decision.  In such case more appointments as required will be arranged till a final diagnosis is reached.